Terms & Conditions for High School Planning

Please accept the following terms and conditions for our High School Planning Sessions. These rules are strictly enforced for the benefit of each of our families.

Fee Structure

- Our first half an hour session is complimentary if the next session is paid.

- Each half-hour session is $50.00, and a one-hour session is $100.00.

- Fee for the sessions should be paid before the invoice due date.

Absence Policy

- Parents must send an email to their Branch specific support, to let the center know about the cancellation of a session at least 48 hrs. in advance.

- If you are scheduled for a meeting session and miss it, we will not be able to refund or reschedule an appointment for the same. Please contact us if you would like to make another appointment.

Ramana Coaching Center has the right to cancel the session. It will only be with valid and unforeseeable circumstances. Insuch a situation, we will coordinate with you and reschedule your appointment at a convenient time.

**Disclaimer : Ms.Sailasree Vaduri is not a Certified Advisor. Ramana Coaching Center makes every effort to provide you with best guidance but cannot guarantee or promise any results. Our past and future guidance or comments regarding the High School Planning process or outcome of this matter is our opinion and should not be interpreted otherwise.