Ramana Coaching Center's academic summer camp provides students with a fun and engaging learning experience while also enhancing their Math and English Language Arts (ELA) skills for the upcoming school year.

Our summer program is designed to reinforce fundamental concepts in Math and English Language Arts (ELA), as prescribed in the Common Core Standards to expand students' comprehension of core concepts learned throughout the academic year.


  • To help academically motivated students get "ahead of the curve" through instruction, cross-disciplinary application, and team interaction
  • To develop students into more confident and proactive thinkers and doers.


Our summer camp enrichment programs are available for rising 3rd & 9th grade students who show an eagerness to engage in advanced learning and creative problem-solving in Math and English.


Using Common Core standards, our curriculum and activities will primarily focus on preparing Elementary, Middle and High Schoolers for higher-grade subjects.

Focus Subjects

  • Math (Elementary Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1)
  • English Language Arts (Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Creative Writing & Grammar)

Our unique program is centered around academics and focused on skill development to enrich the summer camp experience for students. If you are interested in learning more about the program, get started by registering now.

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