STAY-AHEAD tutoring Policies

In order to ensure the best possible experience for our students, families, educational groups and staff, we enforce the below policies.*


  • We accept Stay-Ahead Tutoring registrations on a rolling basis. This means that as soon as you register in MyPortal, we will follow up to confirm your interest and begin your onboarding process.
  • A student's enrollment in Stay-Ahead Tutoring is only guaranteed when we receive the one-time registration and materials fee. Unless otherwise noted, we will request these fees after receipt of your MyPortal registration.
  • Please remember that scheduling preferences are preferences only. We will do our best to arrange a schedule that works well for students and parents/guardians, however, due to class demand and class size, we may not always be able to match your preferences. If for some reason we cannot match your preference during registration, we will contact you to work out an alternate schedule.
  • While we will follow up with prospects who have expressed interest in our program, we cannot reserve or guarantee spaces for prospects who have not officially registered in MyPortal.

Payments and Discounts

  • We accept payments by ACH (debit authorization from checking or savings account), check and cash only. ACH payments can be made directly online by clicking on the link in your invoice email. We automatically disable the credit card option due to the credit card company's 3% processing fee; however, if you wish to pay by credit card, we can enable this option with the understanding that the processing fee will be added to your amount due. Checks should be made payable to Ramana Coaching Center. Please Note:  Checks returned to RCC as a result of insufficient funds are subject to a fee of $25 as allowed by the State of North Carolina.
  • Discounts and Referral Programs cannot be combined. We will apply the largest discount to your next invoice. If you participate in our Referral Program, then please remember that referral discounts will only apply to new families/groups. For example, if you refer a Stay-Ahead student to our SAT program, then the Referral Program discount will no longer apply. If you refer a student who has never fully enrolled in any of our programs, then the discount will apply.
  • If you are a new registrant who was referred to our program by a friend, colleague or family member who is currently enrolled, then you may enter in their referral code when prompted during your registration process.


  • Our Stay-Ahead Tutoring program schedules are separate and independent of academic calendar schedules. While we do observe major US holidays, we do not observe spring breaks and similar academic holidays.
  • We require at least a 24-hour written notice of absences, late arrivals, class pauses and cancellations. This allows us the necessary time to notify teachers and teaching assistants in advance, to update our calendars and to accommodate other students.
  • With written notice to, students will be allowed to request a make-up class, however, we will not issue a class credit.  If students do not submit an advanced notice, we will not issue a credit nor extend the opportunity to make-up missed classes.
  • Exceptions may be made in some situations, including, but not limited to: unexpected RCC technical issues, illnesses, family emergencies or unforeseen changes in commitments outside of our classes. In these situations, we will offer class credit and/or make-up opportunities on a case-by-case basis.
  • We will not invoice classes that are scheduled during RCC holiday observances, nor will we require students to make up these classes.

Absence Policy

  • A student who, for whatever reason, misses any class in a given month, is considered "absent" for that class.
  • A student who, for whatever reason, does not attend any class in a given month, is considered "inactive".
  • When an "inactive" student resumes class, a $25 re-activation fee is charged.
  • An "inactive" student is considered "discontinued" after two months of absence.
  • If a "discontinued" student resumes class, the registration fee of $50 will be charged.
A mandatory 30-day notice is required, if you intend to discontinue the program permanently.

Class Reschedule Policy

Class can be rescheduled if requested at least one week in advance.

There will be a $25 fee charged for a permanent class reschedule.

Unattended Class Credit Policy

A credit for an unattended class is issued in only three instances:

  • if the scheduled class falls on a national holiday
  • if there is an emergency/genuine reason
  • if we receive a 24-hour notice via email
* We reserve the right to change our policies at any time for any reason. We encourage you to periodically visit this page for updates. Last update: July 28, 2019.
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