Your Guide to College Admissions Counseling

Welcome to Ramana Coaching Center’s College Admissions Program!

At Ramana Coaching Center, we believe in a personalized approach to college admissions counseling. Our consultants tailor their guidance to each student’s unique strengths, aspirations, and goals, developing a strategic plan to maximize their chances of success. We also provide valuable support in securing financial aid and scholarships, ensuring students can pursue their dream education without financial constraints.

Our team of dedicated College Admissions Consultants offers expert guidance to students in navigating the complex world of college admissions. We take students through the entire journey of college applications, from the initial exploratory phase to the crucial application and interview steps. Our consultants have diverse backgrounds and extensive knowledge of college admissions, successfully guiding countless students toward admission to prestigious universities and colleges.

Choosing the right College Admissions Consultant can make a meaningful change in your quest for higher education. With our program, you will receive the guidance and support needed to excel in college admissions. Take the first step towards a successful future and explore our comprehensive range of services today.


As a high school student mapping out your path for the future, having the guidance of a college admissions consultant can prove invaluable. Our experts provide comprehensive support to assist you in crafting an application that stands out, giving you a competitive advantage during college admissions. While excelling academically and performing well on placement tests are crucial for acceptance into your desired institution, we also offer academic tutoring and test prep services to aid in this endeavor.

One of the critical areas where an admissions consultant can make a significant impact is in helping you articulate your unique character traits, unwavering commitment, and determination to achieve your career aspirations through a compelling essay. Furthermore, your consultant will be your steadfast partner throughout the entire college admissions journey, guiding you through any obstacles that may arise. They will aid you in constructing a remarkable resume that not only secures your admission into the college of your dreams but also propels you toward success after graduation.

Standard Package:

(Recommended for students who have reached the desired SAT/ACT score)

(Includes 15 hrs. of college admissions guidance/counseling)

  • Personalized college admissions counseling
  • College search and selection assistance
  • Essay writing workshops
  • Application guidance and assistance
  • Interview Preparation
  • Evaluation of extracurricular activities and community involvement
  • Assistance with financial aid and scholarship applications

Advanced Package:

(Recommended for students looking to Improve SAT/ACT scores and boost college acceptance rate)

(15 hrs. of college admissions guidance/counseling) & (10 hrs. of 1:1 SAT/ACT Prep)

All the features of the Standard Package plus:

  • 10 one-hour private tutoring sessions for SAT/ACT preparation or specific subject areas
  • In-depth analysis of college essay drafts
  • College visits planning and guidance

Premium Package

(Recommended for those applying to competitive colleges with low acceptance rate)

(20 hrs. of college admissions guidance/counseling & 15 hrs. of 1:1 SAT/ACT Prep)

Includes all Advanced Package Services plus:

  • private tutoring sessions for SAT/ACT preparation or specific subject areas
  • In-person mock interviews with detailed feedback
  • Assistance with creating a compelling resume
  • Additional personalized college admissions guidance and support

Important Note: If you do not need the 15 to 20 hours of ACT/SAT Prep included in packages #2 and #3, the hours included in the package can go towards other areas of importance according to your personalized plan.

Discount: Those who have attended our SAT Group Classes or are currently attending will receive 10% off on the chosen package.

Note: If looking for last-minute help, for example, a student only needs one or two sessions of essay review/editing or one application review that the student will submit to an upcoming deadline, it would be $60/hr.

Additional Hours: Each extra hour added to a package will be $60.

Detailed Service List

College Selection:

We help you develop a personalized college list that aligns with your academic and personal goals, including compiling and refining tailored college lists.

Application Strategy:

Guiding you in highlighting your academic and extracurricular achievements strategically, as well as creating a timeline and application budget, ensuring you stay on track financially throughout the application and admissions process.

College Essay Coaching:

Crafting an authentic and compelling college essay requires effort. The quality of your essay can make a significant difference in acceptance or denial. Our admissions consultants specialize in ensuring that your essay effectively makes the desired impact.

Financial Aid and Scholarships:

Providing valuable guidance on financial aid options, helping find scholarship opportunities, and completing applications.

Exam Readiness:

Preparing proficiently for college admission entrance exams, such as the SAT and ACT, can significantly impact acceptance rates. Our admission consultants and tutors possess the expertise to guide students effectively in their exam preparations.

Interview Guidance:

Many educational institutions mandate applicants to partake in interviews, either in-person or through platforms like Skype. To enhance students' interview skills, consultants often deploy mock interviews as a valuable tool.

Career Planning and Major Selection:

Exploring career options and choosing a major can be an overwhelming task. Admission consultants encourage students to gather opinions, consider various options, and seek advice to navigate the competitive college admissions landscape successfully.

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