The Young Wizards ELA Program at Ramana Coaching Center is designed to help elementary school students cultivate lifelong reading habits and develop proper writing skills. Our ELA tutors use engaging teaching methods to make learning fun and effective for students.

  • Individualized approach: We believe every student has their unique learning style and pace, and we provide a personalized approach to tutoring that considers each student's individual needs and preferences.
  • Experienced tutors: Our ELA tutors are highly qualified and experienced professionals who are passionate about helping students improve their literacy skills.
  • Comprehensive curriculum: Our program is designed to cover all aspects of English Language Arts, including reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills.
  • Interactive teaching methods: We use interactive teaching methods such as games, puzzles, and online resources to keep students engaged and motivated throughout the tutoring sessions. IXL lesson exercises are used to reinforce every concept.
  • Regular assessments: We conduct regular assessments to evaluate each student's progress and adjust our tutoring methods accordingly.

In the Young Wizards ELA Program, we assist students in gradually enhancing their reading comprehension, critical thinking, and vocabulary skills. Through in-class readings, students engage in individual discussions with their teacher and utilize their readings to practice critical thinking skills, such as evaluating inferences and identifying an author's purpose.

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