Every year, beginning in January, we commence online EOG Tutoring Sessions designed for 3rd-8th grade students! Our EOG test preparation materials are fully aligned to help students develop their reading and comprehension skills in Math and English. Our main goal is to strengthen students' foundational skills and core competencies through interactive one-to-one sessions, with emphasis on enhancing test-taking strategies that will help them achieve academic success.

Prepping for the End of Grade standardized state exams like EOG (NC), STAAR Testing (TX) & NJSLA (NJ) is one way to ensure your child will achieve their highest score possible.

EOG Tutoring


Online Schedule for classes:

Timings: Mon-Thu from 4pm to 8pm EST
Enrollment begins: January - May
*Dependent upon student/teacher availability

Our EOG test prep offers one-on-one online sessions for students at all branches. The program caters to elementary and middle school students and aims to take their academic performance to the next level

All you must do is fill out the registration form, or you can contact us to learn more about our courses.

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