About Prodigy Clubs

Prodigy Clubs

Prodigy Clubs offer after-school programs to develop various skills in elementary and middle school students:

Spelling Bee Club:

  • Develops vocabulary and spelling skills through fun activities.
  • Prepares students for spelling bee competitions.

Geography Bee Club:

  • Enhances geography knowledge through engaging activities.
  • Prepares students for geography bee competitions.

Math Clubs:

  • Strengthens logic, problem-solving, and analytical skills through engaging activities.
  • Builds a solid foundation for activities like Math Olympiad, preparing students for the challenges involved.
  • Boosts students' confidence in their abilities to solve complex math problems, often seen in competitions.

Competitive Chess Club:

  • Develops strategic thinking through chess gameplay and instruction.
  • Fosters sportsmanship through competitive chess environment.
  • Prepares students for chess competitions and team events, building confidence and strategic skills.

Combined Benefits:

  • Improves communication skills.
  • Encourages critical thinking.
  • Builds confidence for academic competitions.

At Ramana Coaching Center, we believe that success in extracurricular activities goes hand in hand with academic achievements.
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