Our approach follows the 30 - 50 - 20 model in every course and program we design and teach. We organize our standardized SAT test prep coaching into three phases::

Learning Phase (30%)

In the learning phase, we focus on building students' core subject knowledge by teaching and reviewing all necessary concepts. We also aim to answer any questions to help students gain a solid understanding of each concept through focused exercises.

Practice Phase (50%)

During the practice phase, our objective is to build our students' confidence by providing a series of practice tests. After each test, we generate analytics and analyze challenging questions as a group, enabling students to recognize their errors and bridge any gaps in their understanding.

By the end of the practice test phase, your child will possess the requisite knowledge and comprehension to circumvent prior errors. We teach them to cultivate an "eagle eye" for crucial details in every question, empowering them to solve problems accurately and confidently.

Full Length Testing Phase (20%)

Throughout the Full-Length Testing Phase, students enhance their endurance and fortitude to endure prolonged hours while sustaining unambiguous concentration.

With our SAT/ACT Coaching, students can improve their scores and enhance their test-taking skills. Our comprehensive program, taught by experienced instructors and supported by a wealth of practice tests and focused exercises, prepares students for success on the SAT and ACT exams.

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