NCSSM Informational Sessions Presented to Packed House

Saturday, August 3, 2019 (South Branch) and Sunday, August, 4, 2019 (Main Branch)

The Ramana Coaching Center (RCC) Team presented an insightful NCSSM (North Carolina School of Science and Math) Informational Session to nearly 100 parents and students this past weekend. The in-depth presentation covered a variety of topics from:

  • Application requirements
  • Program types: residential/online/summer
  • Free of cost and paid programs
  • Admission criteria
  • SAT/ACT accepted test dates
  • Program details
  • Essay expectations
  • Tour dates:  open house/campus
  • How to apply

Over the past several years the RCC Team has gained valuable, firsthand experience with the application and admission process. Parents interested in NCSSM for their child, are encouraged to promptly contact a RCC Program Coordinator or any staff member to make an appointment for NCSSM counseling in preparation for the upcoming school year.

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