If you are anxious about your child's proficiency in English language and reading, we are here to help your child. Proficient reading abilities can unlock a multitude of opportunities for success. When you can read effectively, you can excel in other academic fields. Ramana Coaching Center specializes in assisting students who struggle with reading to become swift and competent readers.

Our reading program aims to gradually enhance the reading comprehension, critical thinking, and vocabulary skills of students. Through in-class readings, students engage in one-on-one discussions with their teacher, and apply critical thinking skills to analyze context and identify an author's intent. Our ELA tutors teach students how to develop a college-level vocabulary, emphasizing learning words in context. We offer subscription at an affordable price.

As part of our reading tutoring program, students are expected to read newspaper and magazine articles assigned by their teachers weekly. This component exposes students to diverse information and boosts their confidence in tackling unfamiliar material. Reading these articles allows students to observe and learn from various writing styles.

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