Weekend SAT Prep

Ramana Coaching Center’s Weekend SAT Prep program is tailored for students seeking a comprehensive yet effective approach. This program at RCC offers SAT prep tutoring featuring expert guidance, study materials, and essential tools. The program is particularly suitable for high schoolers who aim to improve their previous SAT scores or those gearing up for their first attempt.

Program Highlights:

In-person and online (via WebEx) classes allow remote and local students to engage in the learning experience together.


The class is scheduled for four hours every Saturday and Sunday, spanning over a period of 5-months.


  • Approximately 15 practice tests
  • Weekly math quiz helps students memorize key concepts and formulas.
  • My Portal access to 290 math quiz practice questions that test students' skills and comprehension.
  • My Portal access to 1000 math and 400 grammar practice questions and answers.
  • As a part of Vocabulary Prep, Students will be assigned practices and quizzes.

Fee Details:

Approximate hourly fee $16.50
Total hours of prep over 170 hours
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Upfront payment discount $100.00
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Disclaimer: Branch may opt to add additional fee due to location specific expenses. Your final fee amount may slightly vary.


  • Parents and students can access analytical reports on My Portal after every practice test.
  • Students can practice questions from the categories and subcategories identified in the analytics report.

Easy progress tracking

  • Parents can monitor their student's progress, including practice test scores, quiz history and improvements, through their own My Portal account.
  • As students take their tests, they can track their progress and evaluate their performance to determine their level of improvement.

Class Recordings

  • If a student is unable to attend a class, they can access the recorded video of the missed class on My Portal.
  • Students have the flexibility to watch recorded videos on My Portal, later at their convenience during the course duration for the review.

Additional benefits

  • SAT English classes are led by experienced high school English teachers who have a deep understanding of the language and the test format.
  • SAT Math classes are taught by Ramana and his team, who have years of experience in helping students master math concepts and achieve their target scores.
  • Our skills-based approach to teaching concepts prepares students for both SAT and ACT testing, enabling them to apply their knowledge to a wide range of test formats.
  • Students can easily register for the College Board SAT test by clicking the provided link. Click HERE


  • Successful completion or commencement of Algebra 2 is a Prerequisite for enrolling in our prep.

To enroll in the Weekend SAT Prep program at Ramana Coaching Center, please follow these steps:

Create Accounts on My Portal:

  • Visit My Portal and create separate accounts for both the parent and student. This online portal is designed to streamline the registration process.

Program Selection:

  • Once accounts are created, log in to the Portal and navigate to add a program/Test prep/ Weekend SAT Prep program to your registration.

Registration Details:

  • Provide the necessary information during the registration process. This may include personal details, academic history, and any relevant information required by the coaching center.


  • Upon successful registration, you should receive a confirmation email or notification. This will likely include further instructions, schedule details, and any additional information you may need.