Terms & Conditions for College Admissions Counseling

Please accept the following terms and conditions for our College Planning Sessions. These rules are strictly enforced for the benefit of each of our families.

Fee Structure

- Each session is an hour long.

- You will be presented with an option of taking the sessions either in an hourly basis or as a package per your grade level.

- Fee for the packages/sessions must be paid on or before the invoice due date.

- Once a payment has been made for a specific grade level package, the student must utilize all the sessions in the same grade. The sessions will not rollover to the next grade level.

Absence Policy

- Parents must send an email to their respective branch's support email to let the center know about the cancellation of a session at least 48 hrs. in advance.

- If you are scheduled for a meeting session and miss it without notifying, we will not be able to refund you for that missed session. Please contact us if you would like to make another appointment.


- There will be no refunds whatsoever unless RCC cancels the scheduled sessions for any unforeseeable reasons.

- Students who have taken SAT prep with us, can avail special 10% discounts when they enroll in any of our package deals for any grade level.

- Students who have enrolled in our College Admissions Counseling package program for any grade level can avail 10% discount for our SAT Prep.

**Disclaimer :

- Ramana Coaching Center (RCC) has the right to cancel the session. If sessions are canceled for any unforeseeable circumstances, we will coordinate with you and reschedule your appointment at a convenient time.

- RCC will be helping the students with advising only and gives no guarantees on College Admissions to any specific college.