Terms & Conditions for After-School Program

Drop-off & Pick-up Times

RCC Sessions are held Mon. - Fri From 3:30pm-6:00pm.

Because we coordinate several programs simultaneously, we ask for prompt pick-ups and drop-offs in order to ensure that we use our students' and teachers' time in the most efficient manner possible.

3rd Party Authorization Pickup

Upon registration Parent(s)/Guardian(s) must provide authorization for any 3rd parties allowed to pick-up their children by providing all applicable information pertinent to the 3rd party such the name, address and contact number and relationship to the child. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) must also immediately provide any updated information if the nature of the authorization has changed with any limitations and/or restrictions.

***Please Note*** for safety and security reasons NO unauthorized parties will be allowed to pick-up children from the premises for any reason and any suspicious behavior and/or violation will be reported to the authorities.

Payments & Cancellation

After your child's registration is confirmed, we will begin issuing invoices by email by the 15th of every month unless otherwise pre-approved and scheduled on a different date by our accounting department. A non-refundable deposit is due prior to your child's start date in the after-school program and the remainder in installments agreed upon with RCC Administrative Authority. Payments may be submitted online by bank transfer (ACH) or by check made payable to Ramana Coaching Center and mailed to 10230 Berkley Place Drive, Suite 230, Charlotte, NC 28262

If you wish to pay by credit card online, you may request that we enable that option in your email invoice with the understanding that a 3% credit card processing fee will be applied to your invoice amount. All payments are non-refundable once payments are received.

Late Pickup Fee : In the amount of $15.00 will be assessed for every (2) instances students are picked up late and are due before the student begins their next scheduled session.

Late Installment Fee: A late fee of $20 will be charged for payment received between the 11th and last day of each month.

Enrollment Withdrawal

Ramana Coaching Center has the right to withdraw a students enrollment in a program if a student does any of the following:

- Disrupts classroom operations

- Disrespects teacher and/or peers

- Is caught cheating

- Has missed too many sessions

Absence Policy

If your child will be absent from the after-school program for 3-days or more, please notify the Branch Manager of the appropriate site location.

Break - Snack

RCC does not allow food on the premises to prevent and/or avoid any serious medical conditions arising from various food allergies any student may have. Please do NOT send in any food with your children as other students may have severe and/or life-threatening allergies another student may not have the ability to eat without danger. We also do not allow sharing foods to prevent allergic reactions.

Health Conditions

It is the responsibility of the parent to notify RCC of any food and/or other allergies their child/children may have PRIOR to the start of camp and list of any procedures and/or medications your child/children may have in place. RCC will NOT administer and/or distribute any medications of any kind however, in a case of an emergency and Emergency services need to be contacted that information will be helpful for the well-being, safety and security of your child.


Our primary focus is to engage our campers in an academic experience that will help them stay "ahead of the curve" in their regular academic studies. Thus, we have a Zero Tolerance Policy on any form of misbehavior, including bullying, unconstructive criticism and disrespect of other students, teachers and/or staff. Any violation to this rule will result in an immediate suspension, up to an including dismissal of the student's participation in the program as determined appropriate by RCC Branch Manager(s) and Administrative Authority.

Media and Photo Release

RCC is hereby requesting your full permission, authorization and consent to use your child's image and likeness in RCC videos, website, flyers and other promotional materials and by signing this form you are providing RCC with the aforementioned consent for use and understand neither you or your children will be paid as a result of your full permission, authorization and consent.

Termination of Agreement

RCC reserves the right to revise and/or terminate any section if not all of the terms to this agreement at any time without cause and agrees to provide notices of any revisions and/or notice of cancellations to all participating parents within appropriate notice time frame determined by RCC staff and administration.

a. Parents reserve the right to discontinue services received for their child/children by RCC at any time without notice.